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Yaki Sushi Nori (Onigiri)

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  • Weight20 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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  • Unit Price 1500 KRW
    (1.4 USD)
  • Shipping CompanyOthers
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  • South Korea South Korea
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To differentiate our products from competitors, we only use high quality raw seaweed of the sea. In addition, we cultivate raw seaweed grown on poles which are fixed to the ocean floor and exposed to sunlight. Our products are of excellent taste and quality. Seaweed has a rich nutrients which make them one of the best delicacies in Korea.

Seaweed snacks can be classified into three types.
First, seaweed snack with a soft texture and taste.
Second, seaweed snacks with a great taste but a little rough chewy.
Third,  green seaweed who many people love  is a soft texture and taste.

We will listen to the ones you want. Before and Now, We have been made a product that Korea like. After, Will respect the tastes of you, and We will make a product that Your peoples like.
Will do my best for your meaning.
We are Sure You will love our seaweed snacks! 

Our seasoned laver is rich nutrients in vegetable fibers, minerals, vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin C, calcium and protein.  It virtually has no calories and has excellent anti-cancer properties.  It is also good for the skin and hair.  In addition, its nutritional value is 3 times that of vitamin C in tangerines and 10 times that of vitamin A, B1, B12, nicotinic acid and folic acid found in most vegetables.

The food is very good as a side dish to rice stocks.-Triangle Sushi Nori (Onigiri)
It can make 'Korean Triangle Gimbab'(rice rolled in a sheet of laver with various ingrediants in the center).
It is very good when you drink as a snack with a sauce.




Basic packaging unit = 1/2cut * 20sheets
Best-Before Date = 12 months
Storage = Room Temperature